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Sauced Up Collection Box


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The sauced up collection is inspired by sauced that we use on a daily basis. Buy the collection and get a brush set 20% off!
This collection Includes:

Sriracha Liquid Lipstick and Lipliner* 

Dijon Liquid lipstick and Lipliner*
Chocolate Sauce High Pigment Gloss

Spicy Buffalo High Pigment Gloss

Polynesian Sauce High Pigment Gloss

Caramel Sauce Liquid Glow

Katch’Up Glitter

Chipotle Glitter

Lemon Pepper Glitter

Pesto Glitter

A1 Glitter

Caesar Glitter

Honey Dijon Glitter

Saued Up Palette  

* Only Available in Collection box