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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission at Sweetpea Cosmetics is to be one of the most inclusive beauty brands, so that all our customers feel included, valued, and loved.

We strive to give inspiration and encourage the uniqueness of our community.

Code of Ethics

Here at Sweetpea’s Cosmetics we have a very strict Code of Ethics that is put in place to protect our customers, employees, and community and their trust.

To achieve that we:

  • Discrimination of any kind is prohibited (Age, sex, ethic group, gender, etc.)
  • Respect everyone
  • Always be truthful and trustworthy
  • Always speak up and encourage others to do so
  • Always strive for excellence

Social Responsibility

As a beauty brand we understand both the positive and negative impacts the cosmetic industry has made on the world over the past few years. The cosmetic industry has brought together people from all over the world, people of different ethnic groups, social backgrounds, and lifestyles and has encouraged many to be themselves and be creative. However, the beauty industry has made undeniable negative impact on the environment and because of that Sweetpea’s Cosmetics has made several commitments to avoid contribution anymore harm to the environment. The first is that we pledge to always use ethical labor practices, secondly, we have invested in our community by creating a scholarship fund to help those who want to go to cosmetology school. Last put not least we strive to create products and services that are environmentally safe and work to decrease our environmental footprint.

Last Updated: 11/13/2022